Monday, January 10, 2011

Open letter to my future self:

Dear Spud,

Stress is one of your migraine triggers.  Remember high school?  College?  The Famous Barr years?  Remember how you felt summer of 2010?  The headaches were pretty much non-stop as you tried to work yourself to death.  You just got back from the neurologist and now that you aren't working guess what?  You're doing great!!  So if you go get a stressful job or volunteer for something crazy at church your migraines are going to go nuts.  Chris will tell you to back off and you'll be in the doctor's office wanting your medicine fixed but the real problem is your personality that wants to take on the world all the time.  (Well, the real problem is your brain chemistry, but the personality is the problem that we can address and fix.)  So instead of making the doctors all miserable, remember to SLOW DOWN sometimes!

Much Love,
Carefree and (mostly) painfree Spud

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