Friday, December 24, 2010

True blag..

I read somewhere (I believe in the xkcd blag, otherwise it was from Neil Gaiman) that the original purpose of a blog was just to put together a list of cool links that you found on the (then) burgeoning internet for your other geeky friends to read.  Adding your own blatherings is actually a corruption of the concept.  So now for your enjoyment, some cool stuff I found online:

50 funny Amazon Reviews  - There's actually a blog of funny reviews at  People like Marky do this, I know.

Speaking of Amazon, they sell, which I wish I had found before I did my Christmas shopping.  I'm totally saving this link for E's Christmas gift next year.  (found via Thinkgeek).

More Christmas Links:

BuddyTVs Jolliest Characters - I wouldn't have thought to put Castle on there, but it kinda makes sense.

A Squidtivity! - I would buy this if I had the money. (Regretsy)

An Interview with the Innkeeper - A hilarious retelling of the Christmas story.  (via Reannon)

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas - An even more hilarious retelling of the Christmas story.  If you haven't read this yet, CLICK THIS LINK NOW.  Just don't eat or drink while reading it.

And a couple of Book related links:

Bookshelf Porn - Bookshelfs to be jealous of. No porn involved, sorry.

How to turn your Nintendo DS into an ebook reader  - If one of the presents under the tree would happen to be a new DS for me (I was along when they bought it!), then I'm ready to go with this and with ManyBooks, which has a ton of public domain ebooks.

Finally, Marky has done some brilliant literary analysis with the new Google ngrams tool.  (LJ, and he is never G-rated.  Yes, he can do literary analysis that isn't G-rated.  Check that out.)

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  1. It's not really literary analysis, though I can also do that in a non g-rated fashion.